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Kill the Bookie 88 Services

As one of the leading sports betting tipsters services in the industry, Kill the Bookie 88 has a range of services we would like to let you know about.


The tipster services are the cornerstone of Kill the Bookie 88. We have a range of tipster categories to choose from: Junior Tipsters, Senior Tipsters, Premium Tipsters and Bundle Tipsters.

Junior Tipsters are those who offer free tips, which can be accessed at no cost by all of our registered members.

Senior Tipsters are our first level of paid-for tipsters. The cost of their tips can vary based on their history of success, the type of tips they are offering, and what a particular tipster chooses to charge.

Premium Tipsters are our top-level tipsters. As the very best tipsters on Kill the Bookie 88 and in the industry in general, these tipsters have built up a large record of proven success and are therefore in a position to charge the highest rates for their tips.

Bundle Tipsters are precisely what the name suggests. These tipsters offer their tips in bundles, providing our members the option of purchasing packs of credits, often 7 or 30.

All of our tipsters, regardless of their category, have access to the same set of statistics on their profile. These include how many followers they have, total betting tips and overall profits.

Additionally, each tipster’s performance statistics are broken down further into total yields, total stakes, average odds, ROI, and hits rate. Their service types are also displayed based on percentage, while their total tips based on country can be viewed. Any awards they have won on Kill the Bookie 88 can be seen in the awards section.

To view the best performing tipsters from each category, visit the leaderboards displayed in the Tipster section. These leaderboards can be adjusted based on that week, that month or all time.

Alternatively, you can view tipsters based on that day’s tips by heading to the Today Tips section on the website and selecting a tipster category.

Live Scores

Having an area where you can view live scores, recent results, and upcoming fixtures is imperative for your soccer betting experience. Knowing which games are going on and what is coming up can help you decide which tipsters you may want to follow based on those upcoming games.

Our Live Scores section features soccer matches from around the world and offers key information like odds, team line-ups, head-to-head records, and league standings. You can also search results and fixtures from the start of that month and look forward up to five days.

Live Odds

What would a tipster platform be without a Live Odds section? In our Live Odds section, you can compare odds from various bookmakers so you can select the best available odds while viewing similar info as the Live Scores section, including team line-ups and head-to-head records.

Soccer News

Kill the Bookie 88 has a dedicated section for all of the latest soccer news, collated from the most trusted soccer news websites in the world. Here, you can stay up to date on any developments, player injuries and suspensions, team news and form guides – all of which can help inform your betting decisions.