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How to become a football betting expert

How to become a football betting expert

How to become a football betting expert

If you are a football bettor, you surely have heard about the football betting experts. They are punters who apply professional techniques to earn money by betting on soccer. These soccer experts analyze odds and stats to maximize their profits.

There are many soccer bettors, but to be a real expert and money-making machine, they need to apply some solid betting principles. Below, we describe what these principles are.

Keys to becoming an advanced soccer bettor

Discipline: Unlike fans, football betting experts analyze every prediction. They never bet based on hunches or fanaticisms.

The fan, by contrast, tends to bet on their favorite teams or following their instincts, usually leading them to lose more money than what they earn.

Having discipline also involves other aspects. We can mention keeping a bet tracking, sticking to a strategy, and keep emotions under control.

Every professional soccer bettor knows he can have negative streaks. However, professionals rarely lose all their bankroll because they rely on their strategies and adjust them only when necessary. Likewise, they know how to manage the money they have allocated to bet.

Another difference between experts and amateurs is that experts keep track of their results, allowing them to analyze their strategies' effectiveness and adjust accordingly. Also, in this way, they can take control of their bankroll.

Search for value bets. To be a successful bettor, it is not enough to have an excellent hitting percentage. Anyone can hit many times by betting low odds, but the bettor won't earn significant money in the long-term. Experts look for those possible outcomes in which regular bookies have underestimated occurrence probabilities. It is these opportunities that allow dedicated experts to maximize their earnings.

Specialize: In the soccer world, there is a wide variety of leagues and teams. Therefore, it is practically impossible to manage information about all of them. Skilled punters seek to specialize in some particular leagues and teams. They are kept informed about news related to them. This news outlet allows them to estimate better any possible outcome's occurring probability, which is essential for finding value bets.

Bankroll management: There is a pair of factors to consider in this respect. These are how to determine both the betting capital and the money to place in each wager. Regarding the bankroll, you can take as a principle that this should be an amount you can afford to lose. About the money to invest in each bet, experts usually use bankroll percentages between 1% and 5%. Many of them use math procedures based on the events' occurring probabilities, such as the Kelly Criterion.


Becoming a football betting expert is not easy, but neither is it impossible. Dedication and discipline are required. Soccer is a sport with many variables to consider.  But, nowadays, it is easier than ever to collect and analyze information.

You need to look for value in the odds. So, it would be best if you estimated well the events' occurring probabilities. Managing your bankroll and having discipline is crucial too. In conclusion, by applying the principles mentioned before, you can be a football betting expert.

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