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Some facts regarding online sports betting

Some facts regarding online sports betting

Gambling has a unique appeal to the masses. It garners a lot of attention and intrigues most people. To fuel this interest further, we have compiled some facts and figures regarding online sports betting.

The UK is a World Leader

Research confirms that the United Kingdom is home to the maximum number of sports bettors. What is interesting is that the inception of the betting was in the UK, and the legacy continues.

Football Above Everything

Out of all sports, football is the most popular choice for punters, followed by rugby, cricket, and horse racing. There are many innumerable betting markets available that enhance the football betting experience crowning it as the bettors’ favorite.

The Mick Gibbs’ Strategy

In 2001, an individual placed a rather unusual bet. Mick Gibbs, a regular employee, invested 50 cents and predicted 15 outcomes of different matches. This endeavor earned him a lottery of $8,00,000USD with all the predictions turning out exactly as he anticipated. Although this phenomenon is sporadic in the betting world, Gibbs went against all the odds to win his well-deserved prize.

Thomas Severson’s Bet

Perhaps the weirdest bet ever placed based entirely on instinct (as no research could conclude this!). Thomas Severson, a Norwegian fan, predicted that Louis Suarez would bite someone during a match between Italy and Uruguay. And of course, he did because it is healthy, right?

Louis Suarez bit Giorgio Kelani during the match, winning Thomas 5950krooni on his bet of 34 krooni.

A Brief Encounter

No industry can survive without advertising; neither can bookmaking. The infamous Sportingbet office signed a deal with the Danish forward Niklas Bendtner and took things a step ahead.

According to Sportingbet, it was a good idea to have a player sport a brief with their logo and name on it. After Euro 2012, the Danish forward scored a goal, and the world witnessed the most revealing celebration. The bookmaker’s revenue increased by 41%. Unfortunately for Bendtner (and fortunately for the world), he was disqualified and fined.

Fred Creggs’ 60th Bash

Creggs’ from Yorkshire guessed eight race winners with the odds of $2M. What was even better is that he received the prize money on his 60th birthday without any advance arrangements.

Back in Time

In 1984, Edward Hodson made a Guinness World Record for horse racing. He put £55 on an outsider knight and bagged £3,000. The record rate of the knight was 3,956,748.


Sports witness strange, accurate, and exciting wagers placed by bettors. Consider Thomas Severson's prediction or Mick Gibbs'. There are a plethora of probabilities. The unique possibilities are just waiting to happen, and bettors don’t shy away from nailing these opportunities. Sports betting involves many exciting fields, which make it even more intriguing to bet on the various outcomes to make a profit.


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