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History Biggest Sports Bet

History Biggest Sports Bet

The sports betting industry is one the most lucrative ones out there and is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. On average, the casual bettor spends a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars each year on betting. But some individuals tend to go all in, lay it all on the line, and at times they emerge successfully. Here is a list of some of the most successful sports bet ever.

History's Biggest Sports Bet

1. Bill Walters

Bill Walters is often referred to as one of the most successful bettors of all time. After being banned from gambling at casinos, he decided to try his hand at sports betting. To no one’s surprise, he was brilliant at this too. Walters supposedly made millions of dollars betting on sports. He almost always went all-in on his bets, but one time, the professional punting bet a whopping $3.5 million on the New Orleans Saints, who were playing against the Indianapolis Colts, during a Superbowl match in 2010.

What makes this bet even wilder is taking into consideration that the Saints were the underdogs who were expected to lose by a wild margin. But the odds were on Walter’s side, as they beat the Colts 31–17 and went on to win their first-ever Superbowl. Although the exact figure was never made to be known to the public, it would be safe to assume that the payout would have been massive, as the Saint’s odds were quite high.

2. Steve Whiteley

Steve Whitley hit the jackpot of all jackpots, concerning sports betting of course. Imagine winning £1.5 million, after betting a mere £2 on a horse race. It almost sounds too good to be true. Whitely came from a humble background. He was a heating engineer who took a bus to get to the racecourse. He ended up walking out a millionaire. How did he do this, you may be wondering. To answer your question, he placed a perfect tote bet and was able to predict six winners.

3. Fred Craggs

Another story to warm your heart, Freddy Craggs was a fertilizer salesman who bet 50p with William Hill and ended up winning £1 million. Craggs had placed an 8-horse accumulator bet. Imagine his reaction when he found that all his predictions had come true. A little bit of extra information that makes the story all the more better - Crags found out that he was to be a millionaire on his 60th birthday, not a shabby present at all if you ask me.

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