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Richest Gamblers Of All-time

Richest Gamblers Of All-time

Gambling is a popular pastime, enjoyed by people of all ages, all around the world. But several people gamble professionally, and yes, betting as a day job is as amazing as it sounds. For many, it is their only source of income. Taking into consideration that one can make some serious money by betting, let’s take a look at some of the wealthiest gamblers of all time.

Edward E Thorp

A sound card counter is a casino’s worst nightmare; thousands of people use this tactic to make large profits. But all credit must go to Edward E Thorp, the man who invented it. With a doctoral degree in Mathematics, he was an expert at beating the dealer at blackjack. This strategy worked so well that it was outright banned in the 1980s. He was also an excellent backgammon player and devised the Throup Count method, a common approach used by many players. It is said that made around $80 million per annum.

William Benter

According to sources, Bill Benter makes around $100 million per year from gambling. With a degree in Physics and a knack for mathematics, Benter made his millions by playing blackjack in Las Vegas. He was an expert at counting cards, which gave him an edge each time he played. Like any good card counter, he was eventually banned from Vegas Casinos. Benter then began to dabble in horse race betting, where he was incredibly successful, devising one of the most foolproof formulas for predicting horse races. Bill also has a philanthropic side and is known to have donated considerable amounts of money.  

Billy Walters

While gambling casinos can result in large payouts, sports betting can be incredibly lucrative as well. This is the story of Billy Walters. Walters had his gambling ways set out for him. His father was a professional poker player, and so Billy started gambling at a very young age. This lifestyle stuck because after moving to Las Vegas after having to shut down his illegal gambling business in Kentucky, he began to make his millions, mostly by betting on sports. Reportedly, he was so good at what he did that the sports bookies refused to take any bets from him. Sources say that he made millions on just one bet most times.

Alan Woods

Alan Woods is quite possibly the most famous horse racing bettors out there. He worked very closely with Bill Benter in Hong Kong, betting on horse races, and developing strategies and formulae for doing just that. Like Beter, he too started off with Blackjack but was later banned, basically for being too good at what he does. Supposedly, he had over 600 million Australian dollars to his name when he died back in 2008.

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