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Author Filter : Asher Potu

Author Filter : Asher Potu
Betting 101

History Biggest Sports Bet

September 01,2020 by Asher Potu

With several bettors raking in the big bucks on a single sports bet, we take a look at some of history's biggest sports bets and it's winners.

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Richest Gamblers Of All-time

August 15,2020 by Asher Potu

The richest gamblers of all time have made millions and a lot more over the years in professional betting and what does it take to get to this list?

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Betting 101

How To Bet On Correct Score In Soccer Betting

August 01,2020 by Asher Potu

Betting on the correct score for soccer matches can be really hard to do, more so harder to do consistently. So how can you bet on correct scores in soccer betting?

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Football Predictions / Soccer Predictions

Who Will Win The Premier League This 2019 Season? Why?

September 16,2019 by Asher Potu

With the 2019 season drawing to a close, we take a look at the top two contenders.

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Football Predictions / Soccer Predictions / English Premier League / Soccer Tips

Who Will Finish In The Top Four In EPL?

September 02,2019 by Asher Potu

The top-4 of the Premier League that will also qualify for the Champions League for 2019-2020.

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English Premier League

Which Teams Have The Best Kits Last Premier League Season?

August 28,2019 by Asher Potu

Here's a list of some of the best kits in the Premier League if you're looking to buy some new jerseys.

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